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flooded basement in Larchmont

What to do if you come home to a flooded basement in Larchmont?

Imagine this; you just returned home from a relaxing 2-week holiday with your family. You’ve had a fabulous time but are ready and excited to get home to your own space and get back into your routines. But once you walk in the door, you notice something is off. There is a weird and unfamiliar smell in the air, and everything feels damp. You open your basement door to discover a pool of water has gathered in your basement, covering every inch of the floor and several feet high. Eep, those relaxing vibes disappear in a flash! 

Coming home to a flooded basement is a stressful and overwhelming situation. But it’s important to understand what can cause this and how to act should it happen to you one day. 

What to do if your basement has flooded

Turn off your water and power

There is a massive asterisk along with this point; you should only do this if it is safe. For example, if there are unstable foundations or live wires near water, you should simply leave and call for help. 

Flooded basement in Larchmont – Call a Professional

You should reach out to a professional ASAP to start the flood damage clean-up process and the water damage clean-up process before the situation gets any more severe. They are equipped with the tools and knowledge to deal with these situations. 

Assess the situation 

If, and only if it is safe to do so, there are a few things you can do before help arrives. Are there any live wires or electrical devices? Are the foundations weak and unstable? Has helped been called? Are you and your loved ones clear from harm? 

So, let’s say it is safe to do so; you should then move on to the rest of the steps below. 

Put on protective gear

If you’re going to be in and around this water, you must protect yourself. At this stage, there is no way of knowing if you are dealing with clean, grey, or black water. So if you have them, put on coveralls, tall rubber boots, gloves,  a mask, and protective eyewear.

Remove precious items 

Things like photos and artwork are sometimes irreplaceable due to their sentimental value, and you want to clear these away as soon as possible. If you have water-logged photos, you can put them in a ziplock in the freezer to address later.

Start getting water out of there

If a restoration operator is on their way, you likely don’t need to spend time moving bucket after bucket. But, if you have windows or doors in your basement, you should open them up if you can get to them. 

Start circulating air throughout your home

Even if the water is only in your basement, you’ll want to start circulating air throughout your house. The dampness can cling to surfaces and spread throughout the house. Open the doors to all of the rooms, and windows, and turn on heaters or fans that are unaffected by the water. 

What causes a basement to flood?


Sometimes you can do all the right things to protect your home, but a vicious storm can still come rolling through and get inside your home regardless of what you’ve done. 

A burst pipe 

A burst pipe can happen anywhere. Because the burst or crack is usually hidden from sight, underground or in the wall, it can be hard to pinpoint when and where it happened immediately. However, there are signs to look out for if you think you may have a burst pipe

How to prevent your basement from flooding

Keep your gutters and yard clear of debris 

When your gutters fill up with leaves and gunk, they stop water from passing through. Eventually, this water has to go somewhere else. Often you will see clogged gutters spilling water over the side. But the more concerning path is water seeping into your property. You want to ensure no branches or dense debris in your yard blocking the way for water to escape.

Assess your yard in heavy rain

Monitoring the condition of your yard next time it rains could save you in the future. First, you want to see if and where water is pooling. If you notice that large amounts of water are gathering against your house, you should consider landscaping to correct this problem. 

Protect and seal basement windows and doors

If your basement has a door or window, you should ensure they’re adequately sealed. Remember, doors and windows require maintenance and may need to be re-sealed from time to time, especially if they endure a lot of heavy weather. You may even consider getting a window well cover for further protection if you have a window. 

Consider a sump pump

A sump pump can be your savior, even when you’re not there. A sump pump is a pump triggered by a certain level of water. For example, when storms or burst pipes cause water to pool and flood, a sump pump will be activated and start pumping the water away to try and maintain that low water level, limiting the damage. 

Remember, the sooner you act, the less severe the damage will be. Therefore, it’s important to call a professional as soon as you notice an issue.

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