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Water Damage Restoration in white plains

Things all Homeowners Should Know About Water Damage

So you’ve sprung a leak! Or maybe something equally as devastating has happened to you and your home. Don’t worry; in this article, you will find exactly what you need to know on how to respond to any common water damage problem; a burst pipe, a flooded basement, an overflowing toilet- we’ve got you. We know these issues pop up unexpectedly and are never a happy surprise. But should any of the following happen to you, relax; you’ll be able to use your knowledge from here to know exactly how to act to best preserve your home and its contents.

What to do in case of storm flood damage in white plains

Storms can be unsettling and even downright scary, depending on the severity. If you’ve experienced flooding inside your home due to a storm in white plains, you’re likely feeling shaken and panicked. But, please, do your best to stay calm and act as swiftly as possible; water damage works its way in fast, and the effects can be even grander if not handled with haste. 

Before leaping into action and getting amongst the water, your first priority should always be; safety. Ask yourself, “is it safe to stay in the house?” if no, leave and contact emergency services and a professional water damage restoration service

If it is safe to stay inside your home, it may be necessary to turn off your power supply, only if it is safe for you to do so. Remember that everything will probably be wet or damp, so you should be alert in case of slips and falls. Also, water makes things heavy. Your belongings will start absorbing water the moment they come in contact with it, which means that the armchair you could ordinarily move with ease may require two people to do the job this time. Anything that remains at water level will continue to soak up water until flood emergency service in white plains arrives. Wherever possible, move electronic equipment, cherished items, and fabrics to a higher level. You can even place wood blocks beneath your furniture legs to slow the water’s reach. Any items left on light-colored carpets and rugs will potentially stain. 

A storm flood is one of the most damaging experiences that could happen to your home, and our experts is exactly what you need. Our experts can be at your day in under an hour to start securing the area and starting the water removal in white plainsl and extraction phase. We will also take charge in the following days to remove and repair any necessary items and areas and take steps to prevent mold growth. 

Water Damage Restoration in white plains –
What to do in case of a burst pipe in your home

A burst pipe can cause obvious immediate damage, depending on the severity and origin of the issue. But sometimes, it’s sneaky, and it could take hours, days, even weeks for you to notice.

Here are the signs to look out for:

  • Puddles
  • Irregular water pressure problems
  • Wall or ceiling water damage stains
  • Discolored water flow
  • Higher than usual water bills
  • Metallic-smelling air and water
  • Water sounds such as clanging pipes or constant dripping

There are many reasons for a pipe to burst in white plains, some preventable, others not so much. So before we look at how to respond to a burst pipe, we want to share some of the most likely reasons a pipe would burst. 

Corrosion builds over time, often due to an imbalance in the water’s level from high iron and rust around fixtures. This is common in older homes with outdated plumbing.

Extreme cold. Simply put, when temperatures fall extremely low, the water in your pipes can freeze. This, in turn, causes the structural integrity of the pipe to weaken and eventually burst in sustained periods of extreme cold. You may think that running hot water could help prevent this issue, but the rapid temperature change can cause the pipe to shatter, resulting in the same problem. So, in the deep of Winter, do your best to keep a consistently warm temperature in your household in white plains and turn off exterior water pipes that will be left unused in the Winter. 

Movement. Following on from extreme colds, sometimes the cold can cause your pipes to contract and shift from their original placement. Pipes can also shift due to elevated water pressure or potentially plumbing repair work. 

Clogs. Water pressure can sometimes reduce or increase due to a clog in the pipe. If a clog sits deep in the pipe, water pressure builds up around it, putting more stress on the pipe. If the internal pressure becomes too great, the pipe bursts. Regular snaking or cleaning of the pipes can help prevent this. 

Now, what to do should you encounter any of the above issues? Firstly, turn off the water if you’re able to. You can also turn on the other faucets in your home after doing so to release any pent-up pressure and prevent further leaks. Next, you will want to get a team in to start the burst pipes clean up in white-plains. After cleaning up the initial burst water pipe and stopping the flooding, our team will start the water removal and extraction process of standing water to better assess the water damage left behind to create a custom plan of action.

Water Damage Restoration in white plains –
What to do in case of an overflowing toilet in white plains?

An overflowing toilet can be a concerning and… unpleasant experience at times. While it is generally easily managed by water damage experts in white-plains, it’s important that you as a homeowner know what can cause this issue to prevent it in the future hopefully. And understand the immediate action to take should the situation arise. There are two main reasons why a toilet may overflow.

From a blocked or clogged drain

This type of issue is relatively easy to spot as you will notice the overflow occurring from the actual toilet bowl itself rather than the tank. A plunger and elbow oil will release things back up so you can move on to the standing water. However, if the toilet is still overflowing or doesn’t unclog, it means the issue may be deep in the plumbing system, requiring an expert’s knowledge to fix it.

From a high filler float

A high filler float causes the water to come from the toilet’s tank. If the filler float is positioned too high, the tank will overfill with water and begin leaking from the sides. You can repair this by regulating the tank’s mechanism to control the float level; if you’re unsure how just ask your plumber or water damage clean up expert in white plains.

Depending on the severity of the initial cause and the aftermath, it’s time to give your plumber and water damage restorations in white plains a call. Our team will begin the water removal and extraction process and, if necessary, address any water damage cleanup needs to ensure the prevention of future water stains, dampness, and mold.  

Most importantly, remember:

  • Only attempt to turn off water and power if it is safe to do so
  • Belongings can be replaced. You can not
  • Time is of the essence with water damage; act fast to preserve your home
  • Prevention is an unmissable step in a complete restoration project 
  • Always trust professionals to do a professionals job

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