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Water Damage Restoration in White Plains

Water Damage Emergency in White Plains

If you just typed ‘water damage emergency in White Plains into Google and need help, stick around. It sounds like you have a water-related emergency and are perhaps unsure how to start tackling the cleanup and restoration process. Water is a beautiful element but can be a villain when it shows up uninvited. Due to its liquid form, it quickly soaks into practically any material it comes in contact with and can leave a path of destruction in its wake. We’ll take you through the typical situations often deemed a water-related emergency and what you (with our help) can do to restore your property to its former state. 

What classifies as a water damage emergency?

Burst or cracked pipe

This is one of the most common causes of water damage in homes across White Plains. Water doesn’t need much space to slip out of the pipe and spread over the surrounding walls, ceiling, and foundations. There are many reasons why a pipe may burst. They could simply be old pipes that have started to corrode; they may have frozen due to extreme weather drops or have a tree root interfere with their path. 

Faulty appliances or misuse

Water damage can be caused by the smallest of faults. Sometimes it’s something as minor as a malfunctioning air conditioner unit continually dripping in the same spot, causing mold and rot. Or something more extreme, like a washing machine that continues to pump water through it, well over capacity, causing it to leak and spread all over the laundry room. Or, it could be misused, like leaving the tap running and forgetting about it, causing the basement to flood. 

Leak or crack in ceiling or foundations

If you notice a leak in your ceiling or a crack in your foundations, you should get this repaired ASAP. If left to be, the issue will grow, often getting more severe every time rain falls. Often the problem is more severe than meets the eye, and you may peel back your affected wallpaper to see large brownish spots all over your drywall. 

Storm flood damage

Storm flood damage is the most destructive type of water damage. Depending on the extent of the storm, it can destroy entire rooms, even a whole house, in a matter of hours. Often after a severe storm, numerous individuals and homeowners reach out to professional services for help, so make sure you reach out as soon as possible to avoid waiting. 

Sewer backup issue

Sewer backup issues are unpleasant, frustrating, and often completely out of your control. For example, old or corroded pipelines may back up your sewer. They may have even completely collapsed in some areas. Or there could be blockages in your sewer line; this is common after a storm, as debris and excessive amounts of water have been pumping through the pipes, and not all sewer systems are designed to handle the capacity of large storms. 

Overflowing toilet or sink

Most often, when a toilet or sink overflows, it is due to a clog or blockage in the system. With toilet-training wee ones, we will see excessive amounts of toilet paper being used, with clogs the system. Sometimes there’s no real reason; the drain pipe must be cleaned as grime has built up. 

Water Damage Restoration in White Plains – How we can help you?

We offer various water damage restoration services to the White Plains community to help them manage and mitigate their water-related emergencies. Let’s take a closer look at our services to see which would best suit you and your water restoration project. 

Water damage cleanup

As we have seen above, many scenarios call for water damage cleanup. Water is highly destructive, especially given time to seep further into your home and belongings. Our team is skilled at cleaning up the destruction of water from ceilings, walls, furniture, and more. 

Water removal and extraction

There are two main phases in water removal and extraction; removing the standing water and extracting the water and moisture that lingers in the carpets, walls, furniture, and even air! This all requires professional equipment such as pumps and industrial strength fans. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to help you out.

Flood damage cleanup

Flood damage cleanup is an extensive process, as storms can cause absolute devastation to a house. In some cases, water may have been pouring in from multiple areas, the basement door, cracks in the foundations, and even directly from the outlets! Make your life easier and let the pros handle the cleanup.

Burst pipe cleanup

Our most popular service, as it’s the most common issue. A burst pipe’s effects can vary from minor to very extensive damage. Our team has seen it all, and we’re confident we can easily handle your burst pipe cleanup. 

In addition to these services, we also offer sewer cleanup services and mold remediation services. Mold growth is very common after a water damage incident.


Reach out RO team today to get your water damage restoration in White Plains, started!


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What our clients say

What an amazing response! I had a great experience with Restoration Operators – Connecticut! I called them immediately after my house flooded and they came out within 45 min. It’s a great choice!

Joe Rios

Amazing job. Our basement flooded twice
and the did outstanding work drying it out
quickly. Very responsive and were very easy
to work with.

Jack Thomas

I cannot express how grateful I am for the amazing service provided by this sewage cleanup company. They arrived promptly and efficiently cleaned up the mess left by a broken sewer line. 

Wayne Hunter

Restoration Operators did an awesome job for us fixing water damage! We would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and to use this company again if the need arises.

Lindy Nelson

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