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Signs for Water Damage

The Signs for Water Damage and how to handle it

So, you have found some water damage. What happens next? Homeowners often encounter water damage, but that does not mean the damage is not significant. The untrained eye may have trouble detecting water damage. Damage isn’t always visible until it occurs. Many homeowners do not understand the health and safety issues involved in leaving water damage untreated. Let’s take a look at how you can detect water damage and, once detected, how you can go about water damage restoration

5 Signs of Water Damage

– Water Staining

It sounds obvious, but not many people know why their walls, floors, or ceilings are discolored. These spots are water stains, and they are likely due to water leaking from your roof or walls.

– Mold

A small amount of mold in your shower is no cause for concern, but once you start noticing larger areas of mold, it’s likely due to excess moisture or a leak. If you have a sudden onset of respiratory issues, this is also a key indicator of mold, and/or water damage, in your home.

– Excess Humidity

If your house feels uncharacteristically damp for an unknown reason, or if you’re finding wet surfaces throughout your home, there could be a leak nearby.

– Mysterious Noises in Your Home

Dripping water, unidentifiable scratching noises, or rushing sounds are key indicators that you might leak.

– Damage to Drywall or Flooring

Peeling paint, soft spots in your drywall, or warped flooring are common signs of water damage in your home.

How To Prevent The Need For Water Damage Restoration

Although sometimes, the need for water damage restoration is inevitable, there are measures that you can take to try to avoid any dangerous damage in the future.

 How can you prevent water damage?

– Monitor Your Bathroom

With so many sources of water in one place, it’s important to be vigilant about keeping an eye on your bathroom. You should Check the tubs, sinks, and toilets for signs of water leakage, as well as any seals or grouts in the area. Readily repairing any cracks in grout and seals can save you huge problems in the future!

– Check-In on Your Kitchen & Laundry Room

If the bathroom is the number one place for water damage in your home, the kitchen and laundry are a close second. Make it a habit to check the floors around your refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine for signs of water and moisture, as well as ensuring connections, such as for your ice maker or dishwasher, are tight and secure.

– Install a Sump Pump

Commonly found in the basement of homes, a sump pump is used to remove accumulated water in the sump basin. If you have a sump pump, ensure to service it at least every 10 years. If you don’t have one, get one!

– Maintain Your Roof & Gutters

Ensure your roof, downspout and gutters are clean of debris year-round, and visually inspect it often to ensure no visible signs of damage. 

What To Do After you’ve found damage? 

After you’ve found water damage, immediately begin the steps toward water damage restoration. It doesn’t matter the extent of the water damage, your first call should be to your insurance company. Policies can vary, it is important to determine what you’re covered for so you have a better understanding of how you can move forward. 

Here are 3  immediate steps to take after you’ve noticed water damage in your home:

– Safety First

Turn off the power, wear protective gear in case of contamination, and ensure your family members are at a safe distance from the damaged areas of your home.

–Audit Your Valuables

Take a look around the damaged site to see if any valuables can be safely removed and salvaged 

– Call Restoration Operators 

It’s important to ensure the water damage restoration is done properly so you don’t run into more issues in the future. 

 Safety should always be your first and foremost concern about water damage. Sometimes, it’s not as harmless as it looks, so calling the experts should be your number-one priority. 

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