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flood and water damage clean-up in White plains

Dos and don’ts of flood and water damage clean-up in White plains

Floods. Some homeowners’ biggest concerns. Floods are a frightening event, at the very least. 

You want your home in White plain to be an oasis of safety, but then the weather turns, and flood waters invade your home and start destroying everything in their path. 

Even if you and your family are completely safe, it’s still very emotional and stressful to have your house rocked by a flood. Once the flooding stops, you still have the massive task ahead of you of the water damage clean-up. In this article, we want to empower you with knowledge so you’ll be educated on the dos and don’ts of flood water damage clean-up. So, let’s get into it! 

Flood And Water Damage Clean-Up in White plains:
The DON’Ts of White plains water damage clean up 

  • DON’T go inside your home if there is visible structural damage
  • DON’T walk across sagging floors or underneath bowing ceilings; they may cave in
  • DON’T use electrical fixtures and ceiling fans while they are still wet
  • DON’T rapidly drain a space, the change in pressure can cause the foundation to collapse. Always rely on professionals for this
  • DON’T attempt to do the structural and electrical repair yourself
  • DON’T attempt to use regular equipment, such as a household vacuum cleaner, to remove excess mud and water
  • DON’T let pools of water sit for too long without movement. After a flood In White plains, they can quickly become a greeting ground for mosquitos and other pests

Most importantly, DON’T let your pride get in the way. Water damage clean-up in white plains and flood repair work are not like regular home maintenance or DIY. Always trust trained experts to keep yourself and your home in the best condition possible.

The DO’s of flood damage cleanup in White plains

Everything in the water’s path is at risk of destruction; electronics, photographs, furniture, clothing, rugs, carpets, walls, and ceilings. They all take on water at varying speeds and can be ruined in moments. This is why time is of the essence in flood damage clean-up. 


  • DO be wary of any potential outdoor critters, such as rodents, snakes, and insects that may have come in with the flood waters.
  • DO smell for any gas leaks in the air; it just might save your life!
  • DO look out for damaged and low-hanging powerlines, gas lines, and any foundational cracks or exterior damage
  • DO be on the lookout for fallen and soiled debris from your home or others (water can carry all sorts of things from far away)
  • DO beware of shifted surroundings and broken foundations, such as shifted stairs, bending or slanting walls, dipping ceilings
  • DO turn off your water and power if it is safe to do so. If you would be required to wade or stand in water, leave it for a professional and clear the area
  • DO call emergency services if required and get in contact with a water damage clean-up service in White plains


  • DO check to see if your tap water is safe and healthy to drink and use for cleaning
  • DO flush your toilet before you use it; it can help to unclog debris that may be blocking your pipes
  • DO check cupboards and cabinets for items that may have shifted or fallen
  • DO remove any easily moveable debris or ruined items
  • DO release any trapped water
  • DO open your windows and doors wherever possible to ventilate your home and reduce humidity
  • DO use devices such as dehumidifiers, fans, and wet vacs to start drying your home out as much as possible


  • DO wear full protective and hygienic gear such as boots, rubber gloves, and ideally coveralls (something to protect your skin)
  • DO wash your hands after handling debris with clean water and soap
  • DO remove items from walls such as TVs, photographs, paintings, mirrors, etc. Mold loves to nest in the spaces between these items and the wall
  • DO throw out any exposed foods, medicines, or body products. That includes canned goods
  • DO clean hard surfaces with disinfectant and warm water
  • DO remove saveable objects and ideally move them to another room or space to dry out and be cleaned
  • DO place wood blocks or aluminum foil under furniture and items that are unable to be moved to another room to separate them from the damp as much as possible
  • DO organize your personal items such as books and photographs. Some items may appear ruined, but you can try putting them in a sealed bag in the freezer to be dealt with later
  • DO keep a running list of the damage, your expenses accrued, and your lost or ruined belongings
  • DO take photos and videos for your insurance company
  • DO remove wet and destroyed building materials such as drywall and insulation


Please note that a flood damage clean-up team in White plains or an experienced water damage restoration crew will be able to assist and advise you on many of the steps above. If you’re ever unsure, please check with a professional.


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